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Alexandra TERNANT

Alexandra TERNANT

Documentary author / researcher / editorial development manager

41 years old
Driving License
PARIS France
Freelancer Open to opportunities
  • Co-author of TV documentaries:
    • "Father Time", a scientific documentary (52') directed by Jacqueline Farmer (ARTE, in development for 2024, Tangerine Productions and Ouragan Films)
    • "Decoding Animal Cultures", a three-part documentary series (3x52' and 3x43') co-directed by Hervé Glabeck (ARTE, in production for 2024, DocLand Yard)
    • "Sisters in arms", a 70-minute film, directed by Henri de Gerlache (ARTE, 2022, Le Cinquième Rêve)
    • "Into Farm Animals' Mind", a three-part documentary series (3x 52' and 3x 43') directed by Hervé Glabeck and Samuel Guiton (ARTE, 2021, Camera lucida productions)
    • "Tree Stories (Season 2: throughout the World)", a five-part documentary series (5x 52 minutes and 5x 43 minutes) directed by Henri de Gerlache, Christophe d'Yvoire and Yannick Cherel (Arte, 2017, Camera lucida productions)
  • Editorial development, research and scripting immersive experiences for Museums:
    - "Sensory Odyssey", the sensory immersive experience featured in the Paris National Museum of Natural History between October 2021 and July 2022
  • Extensive research for documentaries in France and abroad: stories, key contacts, scientists, locations, archival material, potential partners and resources to organize filmings
  • Editorial development and writing of documentary project presentations including pitches, detailed synopsis, intentions and treatments on different themes and topics (nature, discovery, animals, environment, social subjects...)

Production manager / Assistant director

Since June 2013
  • Assistant director for TV documentaries:
    • "Beyond the Far Side", a 90-minute scientific documentary directed by François-Xavier Vives (France Television, 2022, CPB Films)
    • "Magellan's Extraordinary Odyssey", a four-part documentary series (4x 52') directed by François de Riberolles (Arte, 2022, Camera lucida productions)
    • "Sunken Eldorado: The new underwater gold rush", a feature length documentary directed by Denis Delestrac and Didier Martiny (France Television, 2018, Via Découvertes)
    • "Animal Conversations", a 2x 52' scientific documentary series directed by Jérôme-Cécile Auffret and co-written by Karine Lou Matignon (Arte, 2018, Via Découvertes)
    • "Horses of the New World", a 52' documentary directed by Marie Brunet-Debaisnes (France 2, 2018, Camera lucida)
    • "5 Little Pigs", 52 minutes, directed by Emma Baus (France 2, 2017, Nord Ouest Documentaires)
  • Production and post-production manager for TV documentaries:
    • "Persona, the film that saved Ingmar Bergman", 52 minutes, directed by Manuelle Blanc (Arte, 2018, Camera lucida productions); production manager and researcher
    • "Trognes, l'arbre aux mille visages", 52 minutes, directed by Thimothée Janssen (Arte, 2018, Camera lucida productions); production manager
    • "GMOs: Lies and Truth", a prime time 90-minute scientific documentary directed by Frédéric Castaignède (Arte, 2016, La Compagnie des Taxi Brousse); production manager and researcher
    • "Tree Stories (Season 1: in Europe)", a five-part documentary series (5x 52 minutes and 5x 43 minutes) directed by Henri de Gerlache, Christophe d'Yvoire and Yannick Cherel (Arte, 2015, Camera lucida productions); researcher and production manager
    • "MOON", a prime time 90-minute documentary written and directed by François de Riberolles (Planète+, 2015, Camera lucida productions), production assistant
    • "Secrets of the Moon", two scientific documentaries directed by Alexander Abela (Planète+, 2015, Camera lucida productions); production assistant
    • "Methane: Dream or Nightmare?", 90 minutes, directed by Luc Riolon, Rachel Seddoh et Pascal Cuissot (Arte, 2015, Camera lucida productions); production assistant

Head of video / rich media content production

Société Générale
July 2008 to September 2012
La Défense
  • Team management with both an internal staff crew and an external network composed of directors, filmmakers, cameramen, audiovisual technicians
  • In charge of the video and rich media content production chain: from the first brief to its publication / broadcasting both on internal and external media of the Group
  • Editorial management of the video / rich media content platform for the internal staff (more than 200 content added each year)

Video / rich media content producer

Société Générale
August 2006 to June 2008
La Défense
  • Produced of 200+ audiovisual contents such as corporate films, interviews, reports, video stories, event video recording and live streaming...
  • Covered all stages of video / rich media content production:
    • Script writing, staff coaching for an interview
    • Filming
    • Post-production jobs (editing, sound mixing, color grading)
    • Preparation for publication / broadcasting
  • Writing projects: documentary pitches, synopsis, but also fiction, columns, promotional material
  • Intensive reading: literature, newspapers, blogs, tweets, new forms of authorship and aesthetics, news from all over the world and on a wide rang of topics
  • Directing, filming and editing of personal projects such as music concert recordings, music videos and promotional videos, interviews for artists
  • Film writing
    Writing of documentary project presentations: pitches, deepening of topics, definition of a point of view / angle for the film, introduction of the characters and experts, elaboration of detailed synopsis, intentions and treatments
  • Research
    • Research of key contacts, characters, scientists and experts to validate the factual data of the films and for interviews
    • Identification of potential local partners, search for resources and locations for a filming in France and abroad
  • Writing of promotional and communication materials
    Presentation leaflets, summaries for websites, pitches for social media, iOS apps
  • Project management
    Such as conception, launch, editorial and technical maintenance and then revamp of an internal video platform
  • Management of a team (6 people)
    • Recruiting specialized profiles
    • Film crew coordination
  • Film production
    Location recce and Filming planning and preparation in France and abroad
  • Post-production coordination
    Post-production jobs planning and supervision
  • Research and use of archival material
    Research of archival material (footage, photographs, art work...), licensing
  • Filing grant applications forms and drafting project presentations
    Public bodies for funding such as CNC, the European program MEDIA, the French Regions...
  • English: completely fluent with good writing skills, including drafting and revision of documents
  • German: academic level
  • Strong computer skills both on Mac and PC: Word, Excel et PowerPoint
  • Editing: ability to work with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro 7, bases in Adobe After Effects
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • Ability to use programs and language for web publication (texts and multimedia content)
  • Production management: strong skills in Xotis Media suite

Specialized Master: Media

ESCP Europe

September 2012 to June 2013

Research Master: Media and Multimedia

University of Paris II Panthéon - Assas

September 2004 to September 2005
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Licence degree (Third year University degree) in Communications

University of Paris 2 Pantheon Assas

September 2002 to September 2004

University dregree in Communication technologies

University of Marne la Vallee

September 2000 to June 2002
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Science Baccalaureate (A-level) with 2 additional options: German and Latin

Notre Dame Des Victoires highschool in Voiron (Isère)

September 1999 to June 2000